FL Presidential votes charts

Comparison of 2004 FL votes for Bush with 2004 Voter Reg. Info

These charts only graph 2004 information. They show 2004 Voter Registration Information

Comparison of FL votes, by county, 2000-2004

Exit Poll Data

I'm very interested in pointers to a reliable source of exit-poll data. Reports are that Kerry was ahead of Bush in many of the exit polls, but i've yet to actually find a source on the 'net. If you can give me a URL, please send it [email protected]

About these graphs

The raw data came from the Florida Department of State's Division of Elections.

I formatted and processed the data by hand using emacs, a few other Unix tools like awk, sed, and perl. Then i used OpenOffice to sort it a bit more and do all of the graphing.

Why i made these charts.

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