What We Do

We wrangle Unix(TM) machines. Or, help others wrangle them, or provide " consultations" about wrangling for people who like that sort of thing.

Which Unixes

For clients, we spend the most time wrangling Suns and Solaris 2 or Linux. In our living room, we run FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and MacOS X.

In the past, we've worked with NetBSD, SunOS 5 (Solaris 2), SunOS 4, IRIX, AIX 3 and 4, HP/UX 9 and 10,Ultrix, OSF/1, A/UX 2 and 3, and even an old Pyramid or a Sequent back in the mists of time (1994).

We don't do Windoze.

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